Training Programs

The art of powerful conversations


The common way of having conversations at work are more directive in nature. This program builds upon the fact that the only thing that occurs in an organization is a conversation and therefore the only thing that goes wrong in an organization is a conversation. This program explores these conversations and goes deep into what went wrong. Then it rebuilds those conversations into a powerful medium from which everyone emerges strengthened and successful.

Participants learn to recognize when a conversation is going wrong and quickly steer it back to a powerful platform that benefit all and then in turn, build an atmosphere of high performance through trust, respect and decisive action!

A two-day offsite program aimed at functional and Revenue Leaders and their teams.

Leadership During VUCA times


The old motto of command and control does not work during uncertain times. Leaders tend to go back towards the tried & tested methodology and repeat it even when it does not work. In this day and age when everyone has equal access to information, the expectations of a leader is not that of a person who has all the answers, but that of a person who has high emotional maturity and who can connect with people on an individual basis.

This program explores the participants’ individual leadership styles and explores deeply upon what has worked and not worked for them. It then makes them give up what has not worked, retain what has and makes them pick up behaviors that are totally new and what is required for this kind of uncertainty. The program asks and answers 3 questions: how do I behave in leadership situations? Why do I behave so? and What new can I do? Using a behavioral intervention model, this deeply interactive session creates a life changing paradigm for the participants.

The 2-day program can be done together or over a period of a quarter with several 2-3 hour modules.

Building Empathetic Leadership


Management Science and various vocational education teaches a certain way of leadership that is based upon rationality and logic. However human beings are seldom rational or logical. When faced with such behavior, leaders tend to use a carrot and stick approach to get results. When all else fails they use fear to get results. This gives rise to an atmosphere of severe distrust and such atmospheres generally become political in nature wherein results get sacrificed at the altar of nepotism.

This program builds the foundation of leaders truly stepping into the shoes of their team members and understanding what drives them and what does not. Using the tenets of empathy, the leader then understands the behavioral make up of their teams and uses that towards building optimum performance. This program is aimed at teams entrusted towards high impact projects or teams that are entrusted with critical objectives. It is aimed at leaders with their immediate reportees and peers.

It is recommended to do this program for 2 days but can be also done in a one-day module.