Other HR Services

Hiring Outsourcing Services

Studies show that HR departments often spend around 50% of their budgets and time on hiring. The services we offer would be to take the entire function and conduct it for you. The services we offer would be to take the entire function and conduct it for you.

All Worc needs is your Hiring SPOC who would facilitate our conversations with the hiring managers, and we use our in-depth hiring modules to fulfil your needs. All this is done virtually and does not require a resource to be present at your premises, thus saving you the cost associated. Our senior team will help create job descriptions and then use our extensive database to source candidates, interview them with our rigorous processes and then present apt candidates per position for you.


Once a candidate is shortlisted, we then would facilitate the interviews, the feedback processes, and also close offers on your behalf. If at any time we feel that the person may not join during the post offer process, we will action back-ups for you. Once the person joins, we can facilitate the induction process and also keep in touch with the candidate for a period of 6 months to ensure that any issues that may arise are resolved satisfactorily.

Competency and Skill Matrix Development

Ever been confused with complex competencies and skill matrices that no one understood or just could not be developed? Our services create or simplify them so that they can be very easily executed. We work with your Department heads and do an in-depth study of your existing Job Descriptions and then using a workshop technique, cull out the competences and skills required for each unique role along with your heads. Once this is defined, then we conduct another workshop with your senior management team to build alignment, tweak the skills and competences of your unique/critical positions. We then present the final dictionary to you.

Worc doesn’t leave you in the lurch! Through our 25 years of OD experience, we conduct customised training programs and build these competences for your people. After that we work with you into creating a separate competency and skill evaluation cycle that is totally separate from your Performance Management Process. So now you can keep your Performance Processes totally separate from your Potential Development Process!

Job Description and Role Clarifications with Right Sizing

The key to successful performance is clear job descriptions and outlining of roles in an organisation. Using a workshop method, we work out clear JDs and then clarify different roles for your organisation. You can use this method to discard obsolete roles and tasks. Worc also uses the Job Duty Task Analysis method to create job manuals that require high skills like in the manufacturing process etc.

Using our expertise, we present you an ideal structure and work with you to implement the same. This can include all activities that come with Right Sizing. Our expertise of 25 years in right sizing can be effectively then utilised to execute the actions.


Vision Mission Strategy Development and Performance Objectives

We all know that the strategy of a company is deeply linked to the Vision and Mission set by the Management. Yet in many companies, the strategy slowly becomes linked to some day to day objectives, thus diluting the Vision of the Company. Using a Behavioural Process Intervention Method, our faculty does an in-depth 2-3 Day Workshop with your Management team to develop a crisp Vision and Mission statement. This will reflect the deep Values and objectives that the team hold dear and will be completely aligned to. A mission statement will then be developed from the same. Following this, we will use our 25 years of experience to work with your Management team to assist them to evolve the strategy for the business.

Performance Management Objective Setting and Evaluations

Once your strategy is developed, we then use our expertise to work with your Management team and develop simple performance objectives that are linked clearly to your Strategy. The main reason that some Performance Management Objectives fail is because they begin to reflect day to day activities. The reality is that the fixed component of any pay is to compensate people for the time they spend in the office doing their day to day objectives. In these days of increasing automation, most of these activities become binary in nature and can clearly be evaluated during weekly reviews. Therefore, they do not need reflection in the performance management processes. Worc ensures that only Strategic objectives are included in your Performance Management Process and we help you administer it too so that it becomes a fail proof process that is deeply linked to your Management’s Vision, Mission and Strategy Objectives!