Management Team


Vijay Shimpukade

CEO and Managing Director

Vijay is a Techno-Commercial leader having over 25+ years of industry experience spanning across multiple sectors including, IT/ITES, Telecom, Software & Product Development, HPC, System Integrators, Manufacturing and many more. He has gained experience by working with Top100 companies across the globe including India, USA, Europe, Russia, Asia-Pacific & Japan and Africa. Demonstrating tenacity, Vijay has managed many Senior roles and supervised cross-functional global teams in Business and Technical domains mainly at AT&T in USA and Intel, globally.

After completing his Engineering Degree and gaining a few years of industry experience in Sales and Technical Support, Vijay went to attain a Master’s Degree in Technology Management from USA to strengthen the product-to-person relationship philosophy which he still believes is the key to success of any organization and individual.
Owning a fitness center in Pune, he often quotes, “Work out like your heart is on the line”. He also has couple of startup companies under his belt. Having a keen eye for detail, he also has love for sketching. He is an avid cyclist with a few international achievements to his name but has hunger to achieve more! Vijay has also been a Grand Jury for Manthan Award, a South Asia and Asia Pacific event in 2012 for Digital Empowerment Foundation, a not-for-profit social enterprise.


Neeta Shahapeti

Principal Coach

Neeta is a core business professional currently based in Missouri, USA, having extensive experience in Business Analytics and Project Management with large information technology, healthcare, and business firms. Neeta has a successful track record in leading various business applications teams for Fortune 500 companies like Wells Fargo, Monsanto and many more. She has been a recognized Lecturer as well as mentored multiple keynote speakers for TEDx Talks and various other international forums. She continues to provide tutelage to aspiring students and working professionals.

With dual Master’s Degree, Neeta did MBA from University of Phoenix and Master’s in Biology from Institute of Science, Mumbai. She holds faith in the women of today to lead the upcoming generation. Hobbies include traveling and singing. A microphone in hand is the ultimate upliftment for her weekend! She believes in giving back to the community and based on her philosophy she has done numerous charity concerts within India and USA.


Siddhesh Shimpukade

Marketing Manager

Siddhesh is an Engineering graduate. Since a young age, he has had a deep interest in the social sciences and humanities. Owing to this interest, he will be an incoming student for a Master’s Degree in Public and International Affairs from University of Pittsburgh, USA, to pursue a career in the Geopolitics and International Relations sector. Siddhesh has taken part in various debate competitions and Model United Nations during his college days and now is mentoring students and delegates of future Model UN events.

“If you jump in a stream of thought, it will take you to the sea of knowledge”, he quotes, being an active participant in many quiz competitions, of which he has won a few. Siddhesh believes in giving back to the society and has been an avid social worker in his college-affiliated NGO, Prayas Youth Forum. He is also an active Rotaracter and has held the position of Rotary-Rotaract Relations Officer for his Rotaract Club for the year 2019-20. Siddhesh has a profound flair for writing, having written multiple articles, quotes and poems. He has a keen interest in music as well, as one can find him singing and playing the guitar at the end of a long day.